New Low FODMAP Meal Delivery Service in NYC area

Pad Thai Epicured

For those of you who have IBS, you know how debilitating it can be. Bloating, abdominal pain, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea are just a few of the symptoms you may experience. The Low FODMAP diet has been shown to play a major role in decreasing symptoms. I’ve been having great success using this diet to help my patients feel better. The problem is that the diet, especially the elimination phase, can be confusing and seem almost impossible to stick to –
especially if you have a busy schedule and eat out a lot. You can’t get a sandwich on most breads because they contain oligosaccharides (a “forbidden carb” on the elimination diet and Low FODMAP diets in general). Has onion or garlic powder been added to your burger? Did honey sneak into your salad dressing? Who has the patience to carry the lengthy “approved” ingredient list with you!  Good news – a new Low FODMAP meal delivery service, Epicured,  just launched in the NYC area.

Meal delivery service is now available throughout throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County. It’s the first meal delivery service of its kind. As an RD specializing in IBS, this is very exciting to me.  Note: all of the pics in this blog post are from Epicured  (main pic: Pad Thai with Chang Mai Sauce) Disclaimer: I am a consulting nutritionist with this company and help approve the ingredients as low in FODMAPs!

Epicured makes following the Low FODMAP diet so easy. You get your lunches and dinners dropped off to your home or office. And you don’t have to guess on ingredients as all the meals have been approved by registered dietitians and physicians as compliant with Monash University ‘s Low FODMAP recommendations. Monash University is where the diet was first developed and where foods are routinely tested for FODMAPs. (pic: Caprese Sandwich with Pesto Sauce) And Epicured isn’t just for those with IBS – it’s perfect for those who have celiac disease, are gluten senstive or just want a healthy meal delivery service!


Low FODMAP diet protocol 101

n case you aren’t familiar with the protocol for a Low FODMAP diet, here it is:
-Most people follow a strict Low FODMAP elimination diet for 3-4 weeks. This tends to be enough time to see a reduction in their symptoms. The actual time on this diet can vary for each individual.

– You then systematically reintroduce groups of FODMAPs one group at a time (FODMAPs are rapidly fermentable carbohydrates) to assess which groups trigger symptoms. Eventually, the goal will be to add in as many FODMAPs as you can without triggering symptoms. This is important because FODMAPs contain prebiotics. Prebiotics help feed probiotics (good bacteria) which help keep our guts healthy. But obviously you don’t want to consume the FODMAPs that cause you discomfort.  People often find that they can tolerate a small amount of a particular FODMAP but more than this amount sends them over the edge.  *It is recommended that you work with a registered dietitian who specializes in Low FODMAP diets to make sure this is done correctly. (Pic: Teriyaki Donburi)

Who would benefit from Epicured?

Pretty much everyone! Specifically, it is perfect for:
– The elimination phase of the Low FODMAP diet. You know your lunches and dinners will be 100% compliant with this phaseZucchini-Bolognese-009-Thumb_uczxn8
– A general Low FODMAP diet. Once you have gone through the elimination phase and know what your dietary culprits are, Epicured can still be a tasty healthy diet for you. Since there is no long term commitment, you may choose to order it as often or infrequent as you like. For example, if you know your body can’t tolerate oligosaccharides like onions and garlic (which is in so many foods!), Epicured is perfect for you when your family orders out Chinese food or pizza!
– Have celiac disease or are gluten sensitive
– And even if you don’t have GI issues, Epicured is a healthy well balanced, tasty meal delivery service.  (pic: Zucchini ‘Spaghetti’ Bolognese with Grated Parmesan)

Overview of Epicured Low FODMAP Meal Delivery Service

Facts About Their Ingredients: Fresh.  Seasonal. All natural. Non-GMO. No hormones. No preservatives
Facts About Their Dishes: Honest. Nutritious. Handcrafted. Tailored for you. 100% Gluten-Free. 100% Low FODMAP. Vegetarian, Pescatarian, and Omnivore options. Registered Dietitian approvedEpicured-Dinner-Rosemary-Chicken-008-Thumb_x2czxf
Order a 5 day plan (delivered 2x/wk) or a 7 day a week plan (delivered 3x/wk)
Order 1 or 2 meals a day
Prices start at $12.99/meal
No long term commitment. Your patients can just order 5 meals a week if they choose, then stop the service or they can continue as long as they like.
Meals can be frozen if needed
Nutritional info and a full list of ingredients are available here 
Check out the  Epicured website for full details   (pic:Moroccan Tajine with herbed Quinoa)  (pic below: Sesame Crusted Wild Salmon with Wild Rice, Carrot Puree & Goma-dare Sauce)


If you are an RD or MD specializing in IBS:

Contact Renee Cherkezian at with questions or to arrange for a tasting!

Help spread the word to fellow RDs, gastroenterologists, patients and friends who have IBS or work with patients who have IBS.


Resources for Low FODMAP diets

Monash University Low FODMAP diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Monash University Low FODMAP app

The following registered dietitians are pioneers in IBS and Low FODMAP diets in the U.S.  Check out their blogs, books, pinterest boards and websites.  I took my first course in diet Low FODMAP diets a few years ago from them and learned so much!
Patsy Catsos, RD
Kate Scarlata, RD




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