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14 Reasons Why Sleep is Important for PCOS

why sleep is important for PCOS

I find that most of my patients with PCOS spend a great deal of energy focusing on their diet and exercise regimen, but tend to neglect one of the most important aspects of health when it comes to PCOS – sleep. What percentage of the time do you wake up feeling totally well-rested? Probably not…

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How Lindsay is Beating PCOS with Diet, Exercise and Mindset

how lindsay is beating pcos with diet exercise and mindset

We know how difficult it can be to accomplish certain goals such as exercising more, improving your diet or losing weight. At times, it seems like no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t happen.  Now think about what it would be like if you had a medical condition that can cause weight gain,…

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Kitchen Mistakes That Can Lead to Weight Gain

  For those of you who cook at home, kudos to you. Most of my NYC clients barely set foot in their kitchen! But cooking at home is a great way to eat healthier, save money and watch your weight. The problem is that cooking at home can be just as unhealthy as some take-out…

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Reasons Why You Need More Sleep

What percentage of the time do you wake up feeling totally well-rested? Probably not very often. For us New Yorker’s living a frenzied city life, we know too well the the city never sleeps! Studies show that 40% of us get less than 6 hours a night. Not only does this make it difficult to…

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How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

how often should you weigh yourself

I often get asked this question by my patients. Should you weigh yourself once a day, once a week or not at all? Should you just go by how you feel or how your clothes fit? The answer is – there is no ONE  answer that suits everyone!  You really need to consider how YOU…

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14 Tips to Prevent Weekend Weight Gain

  Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel when it comes to your weight? You’re consistently up 2 pounds Monday morning and spend the week trying to get it off. Monday through Thursday, you are as diligent as you can be. But as soon as Friday comes, your good intentions fly out the…

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Watch Out for Girl Scout Cookie Season

It’s Girl Scout cookie season. Thin mints, Do-si-dos, Samoas to name a few. Who can resist these tasty cookies? A spell seems to come over people during this season like suddenly the calories don’t count because we bought the cookies from an ambitious young girl or because we were donating to a good cause. Do you think your fat cells care? Nope!…

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Why Does Your Weight Fluctuate So Much?

Those of you who weigh yourself on a daily basis have probably noticed that the scale can move around …a lot. If you dared to weigh yourself after this past holiday weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if it jumped up by 3 pounds. But does this mean you gained 3 “real” pounds? How about the…

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Confessions of a Dietitian: I Slipped!

How many of you celebrate special occasions with a little extra food or drink? And how many of you end up gaining 10 pounds in doing so? You’re probably thinking that would never happen to a nutritionist – right? Wrong!  My colleague and favorite guest blogger, Tracy Northam, MS, RD, would like to share her…

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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Men

This post is for you guys! Has the 6 pack you had in your 20‘s turned into a man “pooch”? Or perhaps you used to be able to eat anything you wanted but now your doctor is threatening to put you on a statin? Or maybe you eat minimally during the day and way too much at…

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