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Top Blog Posts of 2015

top blog posts of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, I thought I’d post my most popular blog posts for the past year. It’s hard to believe that I’ve had my blog for 8 years!  Thank you to all my readers. I’d always looking for new topics to write about. So feel free to email me or post a…

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Nutrition for Stress Management

How often do you feel stressed? A better question might be – how often do you NOT feel stressed? Our lives often feel like they are spinning out of control. No more 7 ½ hour work days and “lunch hours”. The new norms are 10 hr+ work days and lunch inhaled as you hunch over…

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How I’m Taming My Sugar Cravings

For those of you who read my blog, you’ve likely seen various posts about my “issues” with chocolate and/or sugar. I bet many of you have the same issues so you can relate. But as a nutritionist, my job is to problem solve (including my own problems) – so here goes! I’ve come up with a…

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Getting Back on Track after the Holidays

If the holidays have set off your sugar cravings or opened the floodgates to overeating in general, you aren’t alone! Yesterday, I found my hand reaching for cupcakes in the office almost as if on autopilot. I wasn’t even hungry – but I’m still in holiday mode.  Somehow we give ourselves permission to overeat because “it’s the…

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My Video on Healthy Post-Halloween Tips

Even though the ghouls and goblins have disappeared, don’t let leftover Halloween candy and naughty treats haunt you. If your sweet tooth keeps souring your diet goals, don’t fear, nutritionist Martha McKittrick shows how to “exercise” those demons away for good. For some of you, Halloween may have opened the floodgates for the taste of…

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Can a High Protein Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Maybe it’s a bagel, muffin (or vitamuffin top), toast, a nonfat yogurt and fruit, or a bowl of cereal. The typical American breakfast is mainly carbs and contains only about 15% of our daily protein intake. So let’s say you eat one of these lower protein higher carb breakfasts. Do you find yourself thinking…

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Sugar Cravings and Getting Back on Track

I received this question from a CGB reader named Esther (not the Esther from Esther’s Weight Loss Journey – a different Esther!) Guess lot’s of Esthers frequent this blog… Question: I am having carbohydrate and sugar cravings. I have over eaten many foods in the past couple of months and gained 8 or 9 pounds. I…

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Sugar Cravings in an Athletic Woman

Do you exercise on a regular basis and have strong cravings for sugar? If so, you may be able to relate to the story of one of my clients, Jenny. (Of course, her name and minor details of her story has been changed). Here is the story of Jenny and my recommendations as how to help her…

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