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Beat Your PCOS Carb Cravings

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my patients with PCOS is their uncontrollable carb cravings! If bread, pasta or chocolate calls your name, you’re not alone. And once you start in on these foods, it may be hard to stop. There are many reasons for these cravings. Insulin, inadequate sleep, altered appetite hormones,…

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Why Diets Fail and What to do About It

How many times have you tried to diet only to give up after a week? Or maybe you were able to stick to the Whole 30 diet for a month, but as soon as the month was up you were back to your old ways?  The stats are pretty depressing …. up to 90% of people…

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Top 8 Meditation Apps for PCOS


Everyday life can be stressful but when you throw having PCOS into the mix, stress levels can skyrocket.  Finding a health professional who understands what you are going through, dealing with weight gain (for no reason) and/or difficult losing weight,  problems with hair loss or growth, mood swings, sleep problems, and fertility issues … who…

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Is the Trump Era Affecting Your Stress Levels?

If you’ve been feeling unusually high stress levels for the past few months, you aren’t alone! I’ve noticed that many of my clients have been deeply affected by the election, which is affecting their diet, sleep, exercise habits and emotional health. I had a discussion with an internist in my office complex who said she…

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Nutrition for Stress Management

How often do you feel stressed? A better question might be – how often do you NOT feel stressed? Our lives often feel like they are spinning out of control. No more 7 ½ hour work days and “lunch hours”. The new norms are 10 hr+ work days and lunch inhaled as you hunch over…

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Top 10 Dietary Tips to Combat Stress

How many of you feel stressed right now? The holidays (while they are great!) tend to have a way of exacerbating stress for many of us. Too much to do in too little time. Gifts to buy, spending money that you may not have, traveling delays, dealing with family “issues”, parties to plan … or…

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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Men

This post is for you guys! Has the 6 pack you had in your 20‘s turned into a man “pooch”? Or perhaps you used to be able to eat anything you wanted but now your doctor is threatening to put you on a statin? Or maybe you eat minimally during the day and way too much at…

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