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Does Eating Breakfast Make You Hungry?

why does eating breakfast make you hungry

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what if eating breakfast makes you HUNGRIER than if you ate nothing? You try to do the right thing and pour yourself a bowl of healthy cereal topped with a banana but an hour later you are ravenous! Why does eating breakfast…

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Did You Have a “Hurricane Food Frenzy”?

Did the recent threat of the hurricane send any of you into a food frenzy? If so, you aren’t alone! I’ve still been hearing stories from my friends, clients and co-workers about how Hurricane Irene sent them into a food frenzy. Sitting at home … waiting for the storm to hit. Not much else to do besides eat and drink! Many people experienced out of control feelings with their eating and are just starting to get back on track.

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Can a High Protein Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Maybe it’s a bagel, muffin (or vitamuffin top), toast, a nonfat yogurt and fruit, or a bowl of cereal. The typical American breakfast is mainly carbs and contains only about 15% of our daily protein intake. So let’s say you eat one of these lower protein higher carb breakfasts. Do you find yourself thinking…

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Passing the Pizza Shop on the Way Home…

It’s late and you are heading home from work or the gym. You aren’t really sure what to do about dinner. You forgot to thaw the chicken and haven’t been grocery shopping in ages. You are almost home, but trouble is looming ahead. All of a sudden you are starving. You see the neon lights of a pizza shop, Chinese restaurant and McDonalds…

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