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Best Low Carb Pasta and Pasta Alternatives

  Pasta is the ultimate comfort food! But it’s gotten a bad rap in the past few years due to the low carb craze. In addition, regular “white” pasta is refined and stripped of many nutrients. As a nutritionist, I believe that  “all foods can fit” and have no problem recommending pasta to my clients. But…

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Healthy Cauliflower Rice Recipes – My Obsession

I tend to get obsessed with various foods. And for the past few years it’s been cauliflower rice. If you haven’t heard of it – or tried it – you should! It’s a super trendy item right now. It sells out of my local supermarket within hours of them stocking the freezer shelf. I heard…

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44 Tips for Losing Weight with PCOS

Lose weight with PCOS

If you are struggling to lose weight or have had gained weight for no apparent reason, you aren’t alone. This is the most common complaint I hear from my patients with PCOS. It can be so frustrating to try diet after diet, along with exercise, and get minimal results while you see others around you…

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Best Energy Bars for PCOS; Find Out My Top Picks

the best energy bars for PCOS

As a registered dietitian, I believe in “food first”. However, we all have hectic days when a healthy snack of hummus and veggies or an apple peanut butter is just not possible. You know the kind of days when you get stuck in a meeting at work, forgot your snack at home, or hit major…

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How to Build a Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies can be a quick meal or snack on the go. And with the temps hitting 90 degrees, they can be so refreshing. And they can definitely be a healthy choice … or they can be a calorie and sugar bomb! For example, Juice Generation’s Mr. Greengenes smoothie has 51 grams of carbs and 240 calories…

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How to Choose the Best Energy Bar for PCOS

My patients with PCOS often ask me what I think of energy bars. While my first choice is real food, there are times when an energy bar comes in handy. It’s kind of hard to eat a sliced apple with peanut butter when you’re running errands. But you know what can happen when you go…

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Are Ketogenic Diets Good for PCOS?

woman eating breakfast

Ketogenic diets are a hot topic right now in the PCOS, diabetes and weight loss communities. Proponents of the ketogenic diet (keto for short)  claim it lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, decreases inflammation, promotes weight loss and may help prevent or even reverse type 2 diabetes. And if that’s not enough, you are given…

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10 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas

If you are trying to follow a low carb diet, you know all too well that breakfast can be challenging! Cereal, bagels, muffins, pancakes are loaded with carbs. And you are sick of eggs!  Finding a low carb breakfast that isn’t BORING can be challenging to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be…

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Low Carb Shirataki Noodle Recipes

If you are watching your carbs, you are probably missing pasta and noodles big time. Good news – this product may really help you out! I often suggest this these “pasta-like” noodles to my clients on low carb diet as they have almost zero calories and carbs. In addition, they contain a type of fiber…

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Healthy Low Carb Supermarket Finds

I have many patients who are on low carb diets, whether it’s for diabetes, PCOS, weight loss or  just personal preference. So of course, I’m always on the lookout for new products. I’m particularly interested in items that can be made into quick dinners or ideas for portion controlled snacks. I found 8 new healthy low…

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