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Is Caffeine Bad for You?

man drinking coffee

Do you depend upon a jolt of caffeine to wake you up in the morning or get you through your mid-afternoon slump? Perhaps you down a cup of coffee before your workout to boost energy levels. If so, you aren’t alone! Whether it’s through coffee, tea, caffeinated soda or energy drinks, many of us consume…

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Martha Lectures for Novartis at the Brooklyn Marriot

Tonight I lectured on Diet/Lifestyle for Hypertension Management for a group of cardiologists. The lecture was held at the Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge and was sponsored by Novartis. The program was called Recipes for Hypertension Management. The program was great! Both the participants as well as the presenters really enjoyed the evening. I don’t…

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The Most Motivating Guy You’ll Ever See!

Talk about losing weight… this guy from my gym lost 240 pounds! If you were to see him, it is hard to believe that he once weighed 445 pounds. He is one of the fittest guys I have ever seen. I had noticed him a few months ago because of his intense workout sessions on…

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Question on Muscle Cramps and Mineral Deficiency

Question from David: Why do I get muscle cramps? Are they linked to a mineral deficiency? Answer from Martha: Thanks for writing David! Another question from a guy. I should change the name of this blog to “City Guys” where are all the city girls? Muscle cramps can be occur for several reasons, including: 1.…

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