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Heart Health Nutrition Tips for Go Red for Women

  Get your red outfit out! The first Friday of every February is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness of heart disease in women.  Heart disease kills approximately one woman every 60 seconds. I bet most of you didn’t know that.  We’re too busy juggling work, family and social obligations to think about our…

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Why Prebiotics are Important for PCOS and Where to Find Them


I usually recommend that most of my patients with PCOS eat a moderately low carb, low glycemic diet. Some women take their carbs even lower by following a very low carb diet, and others go as low as to be on a ketogenic diet. The outcome – your diet ends up being low in an “overlooked”…

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Top 8 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Gut

When you hear the word bacteria, what comes to mind? Germs… sickness? While that may be true of some bacteria, others are “good” and play an important role in keeping us healthy. Did you know that you have 5 pounds of bacteria living in your body? Sounds crazy but it’s true. The majority lives in…

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Fiber and Heart Health

What do you think about when you hear the word FIBER? Probably your gastrointestinal tract! While fiber does help keep you “regular”, it also plays a major role in cardiovascular health, diabetes and weight management. Since heart health has been in the news a lot lately with the “eggs are no longer bad” stories, I…

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Heart Healthy Foods: Good, Better, Best … and Skip!

We know certain foods are good for your heart – salmon, beans, almonds and oats to name a few. But not all “heart healthy” foods are created equal.  Are canned beans as good as the ones you soak yourself? How does instant oatmeal compare to slow cooked oats? In celebration of National Heart Month, I’ll be…

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