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Put the Brakes on Booze to Lose

Are your nights and weekends filled with social or business commitments like client dinners, a date, Saturday night with friends followed by a Sunday brunch?What do all these events have in common? Alcohol! You may be careful with what you eat and try to exercise on a regular basis but sneaky liquid calories can pack on…

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Is Wine High in Sugar and Carbs?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of my clients tell me they avoid wine due to the high sugar content. Wine is made from fruit, so it must high in sugar – right? So instead they choose hard liquor (i.e. vodka, scotch) instead of wine thinking it contains less sugar and carbs. So I thought…

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Super Bowl Sunday Food/BoozeTips

Chances are that most of you are gearing up for the big game this Sunday. Go Giants! And of course, beer and snacks go along with watching football.  Read on to learn tips to moderate your intake this day. You can easily consume over 3000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday. Think about it … hours of swigging beer, munching…

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Lose Weight … Discreetly

Portion sizes play a major role in our weight. Many restaurants serve jumbo portions – but what about your portions at home? I bet many of you are eating more than you think! An extra ounce of protein or few bites of rice can make a difference long term in your weight. And who wants…

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Top 10 Diet Pitfalls

You are diligent with your diet (or so you think) and exercise on a regular basis … yet the scale doesn’t budge. Chances are that you are not being quite as virtuous as you think. Check out these common diet pitfalls.

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Are You a “Boozing Businessman?”

If your job necessitates that you meet clients for drinks or dinner on a regular basis, you know too well how alcohol can affect your body… “man handles” growing, decreased energy levels, blood pressure on the rise, junk food cravings, etc. While alcohol in moderation has health benefits, many businessmen (and women) consume more than a moderate amount. You’ll need to learn how to make some changes in your lifestyle now before alcohol takes a toll on your weight and physical and mental health.

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How Many Calories in this “Healthy” Restaurant Meal?

You eat out in restaurants several times a week and make really healthy choices.  Yet you can’t lose weight. You diligently avoid the dessert and starch (ok – so one little piece of bread…) and limit your intake of wine. So what’s the problem? The problem is that these supposedly healthy restaurant meals contain more calories…

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