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Recession Fitness Tips

Because the economy remains bad, lots of us have to cut down on our expenses, including ones related to health and fitness. With bathing suit season here,  this is not a good thing! Check out  tips on how you can stay in shape and still have some money over for other stuff. Julia Derek (that…

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Confessions of a Dietitian: Flavored Workouts

Read this great post from my colleague, Tracy Northam, on her struggles with exercise. I have a confession. I am a dietitian, and I am human.  It may shock some people that not all dietitians eat perfectly all of the time, have a BMI of 20, and dosquats while watching television in order to fight…

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Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Boot Campers

You take boot camp classes because you want results. So you push yourself through the grueling workouts. But now you find yourself even hungrier than usual and missing out on that extra hour of sleep in the morning. Maybe you even have the mentality that now you’re working out so much, you deserve an extra…

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“Spring Fever” Increases Cocktail Consumption

Does a tasty cocktail or chilled glass of wine call your name as the weather turns warmer? If so, you aren’t alone! As we come of out of winter hibernation, our mood improves and the days stay lighter longer, many of us get the urge for a cocktail or two after work. We crawl out…

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