“Spring Fever” Increases Cocktail Consumption

Does a tasty cocktail or chilled glass of wine call your name as the weather turns warmer? If so, you aren’t alone! As we come of out of winter hibernation, our mood improves and the days stay lighter longer, many of us get the urge for a cocktail or two after work. We crawl out of our winter “slug-like” mode and hit the bars with our friends. Who wants to go home and watch tv – or take a 6 pm spin class for that matter – when all your friends are out at the new hot spot roof top bar!

“Liquid Spring Fever” hit full force this Wednesday evening as the temperature peaked at 90 degrees. As a typical city girl, I had 4 texts from friends asking to meet for drinks. Of course, I could not refuse! But what happens then these texts come in 5 nights a week? The calories in booze adds up quickly! If you aren’ t careful, your muffin top will sprout just in time for bathing suit season. Read my tips to minimize damage done by “Cocktail Spring Fever”.

Does this sound familiar?
– Skip the gym to hit the hot new roof top bar
– One drink leads at 3 or more…
– Trying to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right at your local bar
– How else would you socialize after work other than having a few cocktails?  (Pic is of me and party friends Paula and Alba)

Solutions to minimize damage done by “Cocktail Spring Fever”:
1. The obvious solution is to drink less. Set limits on yourself as to how many cocktails you will have a week. My suggestion is no more than 7 drinks a week for women and 14 drinks a week for men (I know this isn’t fair but these are the general recommendations!)

2. If you have trouble limiting your cocktail intake, you will need to limit the nights you go out. You don’t have to go out with every friend who texts you. Be discriminating! My suggestion would be to have no more than 3 nights a week involving alcohol.

3. If one of your reasons for going out is to meet guys (or girls), then think of alternate avenues that don’t involve bars or alcohol. For example, central park is filled with hotties on bikes or running. Meeting someone in this environment will help you to avoid the “beer goggle” syndrome. So get out your bike or running shoes … and hot outfit of course!

4. Even better, join a club for running, biking, or triathlon training. A sure-fire way to meet athletic people.

5. For those people who enjoy a little early am torture, sign up for a 6 am boot camp workout 3 days week. You will quickly learn your lesson when you have a drill sergeant yelling at you to do 15 more pushups as you feel nauseated from your activities the night before.


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