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  • Health Benefits of Glucomannan

    You may have seen glucomannan listed in the ingredient list of some products and thought gluco … what? Another preservative? Friend or foe? You’ll probably be seeing a lot more if it. I first saw it as the main ingredient in Shirataki noodles a few years ago and had no clue what it actually was. It’s being added to foods and made into supplements claiming to aid in weight loss, lower blood sugar and cholesterol.! Read on to get the lowdown. Fiber has been in the news a lot lately – and for good reason. It helps with weight control, read more»

  • 7 Problem Areas in My Diet

    I bet you think a nutritionist spends hours shopping at the farmer’s market, preparing gourmet organic meals and blending up green smoothies. And of course, a nutritionist would never touch a cookie, Haagen Daz ice cream bar or white bread! Um … I know that many of my clients assume I have a perfect diet (whatever that may be) and that I can’t relate to some of their problem areas.  This is especially true for my patients with PCOS. I’m writing this post to reveal that my diet and habits are far from perfect. But like most you, I’m aware read more»

  • How Often Should Your Weigh Yourself or Not At All?

    I often get asked this question by my patients – especially my patients with PCOS.  Should you weigh yourself once a day, once a week or not at all? Should you just go by how you feel or how your clothes fit? The answer is – there is no ONE  answer that suits everyone!  You really need to consider how YOU react to the scale and what the pros and cons are of using the scale as well as the frequency. In certain instances, I find daily or weekly weights very helpful, but in other situations they are the worst read more»

  • Watch Me on the GutwiZdom Show Talking Nutrition

    Need help with your Sleep, Relationships or Nutrition? Tune in to my appearance on the GutwiZdom show on WCBS Newsradio 880. I was part of a panel of health and wellness experts last Saturday night discussing these 3 important topics. It was also videotaped in front of a live studio audience. Since I bet 99% of you missed it, I’m bringing it you in this blog post! While this show is not specifically about PCOS, many of the things we discussed are important to women with PCOS (um …. like sleep, nutrition & relationships!) GutwiZdom is a unique radio show read more»

  • Depressed? It Could Be Your Diet

     We know that diet affects our energy levels, body weight and risk of diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. But I bet you don’t associate your food choices with mental health. Research is suggesting that what we eat may be as important in treating mental illness as medications and psychotherapy. Check out this guest blog post by Colleen Webb, MS, RDN on diet and depression. With the stressful times we are living in, it may be time to change your diet to prevent or manage depression! Diet for improved psychological health An article titled “In Search of the Optimal Brain Diet” read more»

  • What to Eat If You Have Prediabetes

    This is a very important topic for women with PCOS! 50% of women with PCOS will get diabetes or prediabetes before the age of 40. Make sure you keep tabs your blood sugar numbers and do all you can NOW to help prevent diabetes or prediabetes.   You get a call from your doctor telling you your sugar is a little high on your blood test. You don’t have diabetes but will need to watch it. You’re told to cut out sugar, bread and pasta. But now you are in a panic because you don’t know what to eat. Carbs read more»

  • The Lowdown on Alcohol and PCOS

    One of my followers on my PCOS facebook page recently asked me my thoughts on alcohol and PCOS. With the holiday weekend upon us, I thought this would be an appropriate topic to blog about. Whether your holiday plans involve BBQs, meeting friends for dinner, throwing a party, or just chilling at home, chances are at least some of your socializing includes alcohol. But you may have read on the internet that you should avoid alcohol because it’s “full of sugar” and has a negative effect on your PCOS. So what’s a cyster to do? Read on to get the low down.   read more»

  • 9 Tricks to Tame Your Carb Cravings

    One of the biggest complaints I hear from my patients with PCOS is their uncontrollable carb cravings! If bread, pasta or chocolate calls your name, you’re not alone. And once you start in on these foods, it may be hard to stop. There are many reasons for these cravings. Some studies are suggesting certain foods, often carbs, light up hedonic centers in your brain, causing more cravings. For women with PCOS, a common cause of cravings may be elevated insulin levels. And there are a host of other potential causes. The good news is that there are ways to outsmart read more»

  • Why Prebiotics are Important for PCOS and Where to Find Them

    I usually recommend that most of my patients with PCOS eat a moderately low carb, low glycemic diet. Some women take their carbs even lower by following a very low carb diet, and others go as low as to be on a ketogenic diet. The outcome – your diet ends up being low in an “overlooked” nutrient that is essential for good health. This blog post is lengthy and a little “sciencey” … but try to read it! This is an important topic for women with PCOS as gut health may play a role in treating PCOS. The nutrient I will read more»

  • How to Get a Grip on PCOS-Related Emotional Eating

    When you’ve got PCOS, food cravings, mood swings, and emotional overeating are often constants in your life. There are good reasons for this (hello, hormones!), but what matters is less what the reasons are and more what are you going to do about it? This post is a follow-up to Martha’s post on Eating Triggers.   So many things contribute to feeling out of control with your food, yet managing your food is such a critical task when you have PCOS, both for weight management and mood management. Stress (which affects us so much more than the average woman who read more»

  • Eat Flaxseeds to Lower Androgen Levels

    Who eats flaxseeds? If you don’t maybe you should! The health benefits are numerous ranging from heart health, digestive health, weight control and decreasing risk of certain cancers. Now a study has showed that eating flax seeds may help lower androgen levels significantly in women with PCOS. Read on to learn more about the study. And in then run out and buy a bag of these little seeds!   The study We know that PCOS is associated with high androgen levels. Previous studies have shown that lignans in flaxseeds lower androgens in men with prostate cancer. So a study was read more»

  • Eating Triggers and How to Control Them

    How many times have you vowed to stick to your healthy eating plan but found yourself getting derailed because something triggered you to eat? It could be the smell of fresh baked bread when you walk by a bakery or the sight of candy on your co-workers desk. Or maybe once you start with pasta you want half the box. For others, stress or anxiety can send you running to the kitchen or vending machine. We all have different eating triggers and some are more apparent than others. You probably think you’re aware of your eating triggers – but I read more»

  • Low Calorie Ice Cream Bars and Pops

    What do you crave when the temperature hits 90 degrees? Ice cream! And hearing the Mr. Softee jingle only intensifies your cravings. Not what you want when you have PCOS and live with carb cravings on a daily basis. So what are you supposed to do when these ice cream cravings hit and everyone else around you is eating it? Do you fight it or “give in”? After all, we know that sugar and refined carbs aren’t the best choices for women with PCOS. But on the other hand, always restricting your favorite foods and feeling deprived isn’t healthy either read more»

  • How I’m Taming My Sugar Cravings

    For those of you who read my other blog City Girl Bites, you’ve likely seen various posts about my “issues” with chocolate and/or sugar. While I don’t have PCOS, I still have sugar cravings! I’m sure most of you with PCOS can relate.  But as a nutritionist, my job is to problem solve (including my own problems) – so here goes! I’ve come up with a solution that’s helping me tame my sugar cravings. Read what I’m doing and and see how it may help you.  Like most of you, I tend to work 10+ hour days and don’t have a lot read more»

  • Top 25 Healthy Food Choices at Trader Joe’s

    Knowing what to eat with PCOS can be confusing. And the food choices can be even more overwhelming when you go to a supermarket!  We know that most of you have hectic schedules and don’t always have time to plan what foods to buy. We picked out some of our favorite PCOS-friendly foods at Trader Joe’s. Our top picks contain at least 2 of the following: fiber rich, whole grain, hormone free, low carb, nutrient rich,  good source of protein, and of course, tasty! And a bonus – many of them are healthy “convenience” foods that can be used to read more»

  • 14 Reasons Why Sleep is Important for PCOS

    I find that most of my patients with PCOS spend a great deal of energy focusing on their diet and exercise regimen, but tend to neglect one of the most important aspects of health when it comes to PCOS – sleep. What percentage of the time do you wake up feeling totally well-rested? Probably not very often. Studies show that 40% of us get less than 6 hours or less of sleep a night!  And women with PCOS have an even greater risk for sleep problems. Not only does inadequate sleep make it difficult to focus on what you have read more»

  • Healthy Low Carb Cauliflower Rice Recipes

    If you haven’t tried it, you should! It’s super trendy right now, but more importantly, it’s the perfect food for PCOS. Cauliflower rice is very low in calories and carbs and loaded with fiber and nutrients. It’s a great replacement for rice, couscous and pasta if you are trying to cut carbs. So whether you have diabetes, prediabetes, PCOS or are just trying to follow a low carb diet, I’d recommend you try it. Read on to learn about the health benefits of cauliflower as well as some of my favorite recipes. (pic is of my refrigerator. I obviously have an read more»

  • How Many Times a Day Should You Eat with PCOS?

    If you have PCOS, you may be wondering how often you should eat. You’ve probably heard that eating multiple times a day keeps the metabolism “stoked” and helps prevent overeating at the next meal. Eating throughout the day may help lesson cravings and help prevent blood sugar and insulin spikes (assuming you are eating the right kinds of meals and snacks!). This is especially important is you have PCOS! However some newer research is showing that this isn’t always the case. We are learning there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question. You’ll need to listen to read more»

  • How Exercise Helps PCOS Symptoms

    I’m excited to stare this guest blog post from PCOS & exercise expert, Erika Volk. Managing your weight is just one of the many reasons why women living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome should workout. Time and again, women living with PCOS are told that losing weight will improve their symptoms. It is true losing even just a few pounds can help. But do you know what frustrates me? I don’t hear much talk about all of the other wonderful ways working out can make life better for women living with PCOS! Weight loss is not the only reason to work out if read more»

  • How to Control Nighttime Eating

    “I’m so good during day … but at night I can’t stay out of the kitchen”.  Sound familiar? I frequently hear this from my clients with PCOS.  So why is it that you are able to watch what you eat during the day but nighttime brings out the food demons? The exact causes are unknown and likely differ for each individual. Many women with PCOS experience carb cravings … especially at night. When we have control in other areas in our lives, it can feel frustrating not to have control in this area. But there are some tips and tricks read more»