How Money Curbed My Intake of Sweets


I’m usually pretty good about controlling my intake of sweets. My trick is that I don’t keep them in my enviroment. But when other people keep them around, especially when I’m tired, working late or looking for a distraction, this chocoholic nutritionist can get into trouble! It’s 10 days post holiday and my office is still loaded with chocolate. Learn what drastic measures I decided to take to curtail my intake of chocolate. Hint: it involves MONEY. Watch my “Chocolate Video” to find out what I did!

I bet most of you are sick of eating sweets after the holidays. Your office stash of holidays treats has probably dwindled. Well … not in my office. I rent office space with a group of physicians and patients love to give them chocolates for the holidays. There must have been 50 boxes hanging around the office and most of it ends up the staff area. I dread this time of year because … I am a chocoholic.  You are probably wondering why a nutritionist has trouble controlling her intake of chocolate. But what can I say?  Once I start, it can be really hard to stop if there is a large amount of it sitting in front of me. But since I am a nutritionist AND a person who likes to problem solve,  I came up with a plan of attack for how to handle this never ending chocolate stash.


Allow myself 2 chocolates a day
I tell myself this but almost always end up eating more
Bring in a healthy snack for when the sugar cravings hit
I often forget to bring in snacks. They do help decrease intake of chocolate, but by no means a total solution
Stay out of the "chocolate danger zone" areaThis definitely helps. But I do need to go in the danger area to use the copy and fax machine. Plus I like to be social
Have a healthy lunch that contains a fair amount of proteinI always do this. It doesn't totally control sugar cravings, but it helps!

Unfortunately, none of my plans work that well. So yesterday, I decided to take a tactic I knew would work. MONEY! I offered my coworkers $60 if they saw me eating sweets. Like many other people, I happen to be motivated by money. And you know what –  it worked! No sweets for me that day. I think that once I have a few days of “no sweets”, I’ll be able to resist them. 


My Video on How Money Curtailed My Intake of Sweets

How many of you still have holiday sweets lingering in your office? Read some of my posts below to get ideas on how to handle them. 
What do you plan on doing to handle the leftover holiday sweets?



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