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I have many patients who are on low carb diets, whether it’s for diabetes, PCOS, weight loss or  just personal preference. So of course, I’m always on the lookout for new products. I’m particularly interested in items that can be made into quick dinners or ideas for portion controlled snacks. I found 8 new healthy low carb supermarket finds. They all have 8 grams of carbs or less per serving (except for the crackers and dip!)


8 Healthy Low Carb Supermarket Finds


  • trader joes carrot spiralsTrader Joes Frozen Carrot Spirals and Zucchini Spirals
    There are two ingredients in every bag: carrots and sea salt. Nothing else. The carrots, grown in Italy, are washed, peeled, and cut into Spirals that resemble long pasta cuts like spaghetti and fettuccine. The Spirals are steamed, cooked just enough to achieve al dente texture, making them even more like pasta. You just take them out of the package and cook them in a skillet – from frozen! Add a bit of olive oil to keep them from sticking to the pan (and each other), then add any other seasoning or sauce.
    Nutritional info:
    Portion size: 1/4 box, Calories: 35  Fat grams: 0, Carb grams: 8, Fiber grams: 2,  Protein grams: <1, Sugar grams: 4, Sodium mg: 160
  • Trader Joes Riced Cauliflower and Riced Broccoli
    trader joes riced veggiesCauliflower rice has been around for a while now, but riced broccoli is new. I actually haven’t tried it yet – but it sounds interesting!
    Nutritional info:
    Cauliflower:  Portion size: 2/3 cup, Calories: 25, Fat grams: .5, Carb grams: 4  Fiber gm: 2, Protein grams: 2, Sugar grams: 2, Sodium mg: 25
    Broccoli: Portion size: 1 cup, Calories: 35, Fat grams: .5, Carb grams:6  Fiber grams: 2, Protein grams: 2, Sugar grams: 1, Sodium mg: 30
  • Cali’flour Foods Pizza Crust Now you low carb peeps don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making your own crust. Made with only 4 ingredients
    Nutritional info:Orignial Italian: Portion size: 1/3 crust, Calories: 60, Fat grams: 4.5, Carb grams: 3, Fiber: 1,  Protein grams: 5, Sugar grams: 1 (0 gm added sugar), Sodium mg: 80
    Dairy free crust is available as well
  • YuMai Go-Dip Snack  These combo dips and chips make a filling and tasty snack! There are several flavors (all Go-Dipof them are great!) Here is the Edemame Green Pea Wasabi with Popped Nori Chips.
    Nutritional info:
    Portion size: 1 pack,  Calories: 170, Fat grams: 7, Carb grams: 22,  Fiber grams: 4,  Protein grams:6, Sugar grams: 3 (0 gm added sugar), Sodium mg: 190    Gluten Free (GF)
  • SC (Say Cheese) Cheesecake
    You might think it’s strange that a nutritionist is recommending cheesecakes …. but this is one little tasty treat! One of my clients told me about this mini cheesecake that was  only 90 calories. I thought for sure she must be reading the label wrong (sorry to doubt you Susan!), so I went to Matter of Health to scope it out. Yup – assuming they aren’t lying on the label, this mini cheesecake is only 95 calories!
    say cheese cheesecakeNutritional info:
    Portion size: the whole container!  Calories: 95, Fat grams:4.5, Carb grams: 5.5,  Fiber grams: 0,  Protein grams: 8.5, Sugar 4.5 grams, Sodium mg: 180     Kosher
  • NuCoCoconut wraps
    If you are a low carber, you know how hard it can be to find a really low carb bread or wrap. Most slices of bread have at least 15 gm of carbs and some wraps can have as much as 45 gm. Well look no further! This is one of lowest I’ve found. But don’t expect it to have the texture or taste of bread. It’s made from coconut so will obviously have that taste – as well as a slight sweet taste. I thought it was quite different tasting – but pretty good!
    Nutritional info:
    Portion size: one wrap  Calories: 70,  Fat grams: 5, Carb grams:6, Fiber grams: 2  Protein grams: 1,  Sugar 3 grams, Sodium mg: 10  Vegan, GF,   Kosher
  • Simply Beyond Spray-On-Herbs
    Looking for something to jazz up your food with minimal calories, fat or sodium?  I bet chances are spray on herbspretty slim that you have fresh herbs on hand. Problem solved with Spray-On Herbs!  Only two ingredients go into making each of their Spray-On Herbs®: pure, concentrated herb essential oil, mixed with just Non-GMO organic canola oil as a base. This perfect balance lets the herb extract’s natural, clean, intense aroma shine. With no chemicals, preservatives or even air contact (thanks to our innovative non-aerosol spray design), what you get is a year-round, shelf-stable source of fresh herb flav  In addition to fresh frozen herbs, they also have spray on fruit vinegars and spice
    Nutritional info:
    A few sprays will have insignificant nutritional content
    Portion size: 1 tsp of the oil (which is a lot of sprays!):  Calories: 40,  Fat grams: 4.5,  Carb grams: 0,  Fiber grams: 0,    Protein grams: 0  Sugar grams 0 Sodium mg: 0
  • Saffron Road’s  Simmer Sauces
    Bored with your same old recipes? But who has time to shop for ingredients saffron road simmer saucesto whip up a Thai, Korean or Indian dish? Saffron Road Simmer Sauces to the rescue! Simmer sauces provide the convenience of creating great meals in minutes, with flavors capturing the best of world cuisine. Flavors include Coconut Curry, Lemongrass Basil, Thai Red Curry, Thai Mango, Korean Stir Fry, Harissa, Pad Thai, Moroccan, Tikka Masala
    Nutritional info:
    Thai Red Curry flavor. Portion size: 1/7th package, Calories: 20,  Fat grams: 1,  Carb grams:3, Fiber grams: <1,   Protein grams: <1,  Sugar grams <1, Sodium mg: 160  Vegan, GF,
  • Kind Mini Bars
    These are perfect for a little snack! Only 100 calories and 8 gm of carbs. Several flavors.
    Nutritional info:
    Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate. Portion size: one mini bar, Calories: 100,  Fat grams: 7,  Carb grams: 8, Fiber grams: 1,   Protein grams: 4,  Sugar grams: 5 (incl. 4 gm added sugars),  Sodium mg: 20   GF, Kosher


Have you found any new food products? I’d love to hear about them!




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