Getting Back on Track after the Holidays

Santa girl with red cheeks eating a piece of chocolate cake

If the holidays have set off your sugar cravings or opened the floodgates to overeating in general, you aren’t alone! Yesterday, I found my hand reaching for cupcakes in the office almost as if on autopilot. I wasn’t even hungry – but I’m still in holiday mode.  Somehow we give ourselves permission to overeat because “it’s the holidays”. No time to exercise because “it’s the holidays”. Well, it’s time to snap out of it!

The average person gains one pound  from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Some studies have shown that overweight people gain even more – up to 5 pounds. Whatever the number is, the bottom line is that most of us don’t lose it. And it’s not just these 5 weeks. I find that treats consumed during the holidays set off cravings in many people that can take a while to quell.

Here are some tips to get back on track:
Clear your environment NOW of any leftover holiday goodies. Don’t wait until January 1st..

2. Forgive yourself for any overeating that you did over the past few weeks. Beating yourself up only makes things worse and can lead more eating.

3. Stock up on healthy foods in your home and office. (pic is of a mini bag of nuts/fried fruit I found at Food Emporium).

4. Avoid the temptation to follow starvation diets to drop off any the holiday pounds. The quicker you lose, the quicker it comes back on!

5. Start each day off with a good breakfast. The ideal breakfast contains protein and fiber to help keep you feeling full longer (and ward off cravings)
– Greek yogurt, flaxseed and berries
– Egg on whole wheat English muffin
– Oatmeal with walnuts

6. Get back to your regular exercise program NOW.

7. Slow down when eating meals.

8. The next time you hand goes on autopilot to take a sweet or second portions, think twice. Do you REALLY want it? Why do you want it? The second portion tastes the same as the first one did and you won’t enjoy it as much. That cupcake probably won’t taste as good as it looks and will only trigger you to crave more.

9. Avoid the places that trigger these eating urges. For example, for several of my clients (you know who you are!), this room is the kitchen in your office where the treats are lurking

10. Keep a food/mood/exercise journal. This is the #1 tool to help you stay on track with healthy eating and meet your goals. Many of my clients like to keep records using apps for smart phone.  (pic credit


Stay tuned for more practical healthy eating tips for the New Year!




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