Exercise Suppresses Appetite hormones

Does exercise make you hungrier or does it decrease your appetite? In my experience, exercise affects people differently. Some people say it increases hunger, while other people say it supresses the appetite. Now a new study sheds some light on how exercise affects our “appetite” hormones.

New Research: Exercise Suppresses Appetite by Affecting Hormones

A vigorous 60-minute workout on a treadmill affects the release of two key appetite hormones, ghrelin and peptide YY, while 90 minutes of weight lifting affects the level of only ghrelin, according to a new study. Taken together, the research shows that aerobic exercise is better at suppressing appetite than non-aerobic exercise and provides a possible explanation for how that happens.

This line of research may eventually lead to more effective ways to use exercise to help control weight, according to the senior author, David J. Stensel of Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.

The study, “The influence of resistance and aerobic exercise on hunger, circulating levels of acylated ghrelin and peptide YY in healthy males,” appears in the online edition of the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, published by The American Physiological Society. The authors are David R. Broom, James A. King and David J. Stensel of Loughborough University, and Rachel L. Batterham of University College, London. More.

My thoughts:
We know that exercise is good for us for many different reasons. It helps to speed the metabolism, burns calories, tones muscles, lowers blood glucose, blood pressure and blood cholesterol, helps to improve mood and decrease stress, lowers risk of certain cancers, etc. Now research is showing that exercise can affect the hormones that have an impact on your appetite.

The whole issue of appetite and hunger is an interesting one. Of course, many of us eat for emotional reasons, but research is also showing that hormones play in important role in our food intake. A hormone called grhelin increases appetite – often for fatty or carb rich foods and Peptide YY decreases hunger (note that Neuropeptide Y increases hunger).  I discussed sleep affects these hormones – and therefore your hunger levels.

So this just reinforces what we already know – the best exercise program for weight control includes both cardio (to burn calories and now possibly blunt your appetite) as well as weight training (to build muscle mass which will speed your metabolism). Make a New Year’s Resolution to be more active – our waist,  hips and hunger hormones will love you for it!



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