Don’t Let Summer Parties Pack on the Pounds

 The arrival of summer brings a flurry of social activities – pool parties, beach parties, BBQ’s, rooftop parties, birthdays (why are so many birthdays in summer?), etc.  And of course all of these get togethers revolve around food and/or booze. While it is great to spend time with friends, neighbors and family, if you aren’t careful, these parties can start to pack on the pounds. By the time Labor Day rolls around, your muffin top will be spilling over your bathing suit.

I thought about doing this post because many of my clients (as well as myself) have been struggling with how to handle this increased party frequency from a food and alcohol standpoint.  Speaking of parties, the pic on top is of my bday get together at Cellar Bar (liquid calories were flowing …) and pic below, Paula’s bday party at Otto (wine, pizza, pasta, bread, desserts). We ended up overindulging at Otto’s because we didn’t get our food until until almost 10:30 pm. Low blood sugar and alcohol = overconsumption!

Tips to slim your summer party
1. Offer to bring a healthy dish to your neighborhood party so you can avoid Mrs. Smith’s mayo packed potato salad and dressing drenched green salad. Suggestions: interesting summer salads made with healthy dressings, fresh fruit in season (try making fresh fruit kabobs), grilled veggies, green salads, pasta salad made with whole wheat pasta and tons of veggies with light dressing.

2. Add some lean protein to your BBQ choices. Let your neighbors indulge in ribs and cheeseburgers, while you have a turkey burger, veggie burger, salmon burger or grilled chicken breast.

3. Lighten up on the alcohol and remember that liquid calories DO count! Wine spritzers, light beer or dilute drinks with non-caloric mixers are your best bets (i.e. small amount of vodka and diet lemonade.) Keep in mind that the hot weather dehydrates you, which will increase your thirst …which in turn can cause you to drink more alcohol. Make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water.

4. Plan ahead. If possible, find out what will be served at the party so you can strategize ahead of time. Check out the restaurant menu online. Remember not to go to a party too hungry – have a light snack ahead of time.

5. Set limits for yourself. If you know you’ll be going to a pool party and BBQ this weekend, limit your food and alcohol intake at your friend’s bday party on Thursday night.

6. If possible, try to arrive a little late to the party – or leave before desserts (without appearing rude of course!) This cuts down on eating/drinking time.

7. Wear a tight outfit (or bathing suit) to the party … you will be more body conscious and less likely to overindulge!

8. Try to include some physical activities in the parties. For example, frisbee or volleyball.


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