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Ambien Munchies

True story!
I am the insomnia queen. In my quest to wake up feeling refreshed, I have tried various sleep aides. You might be thinking that this has nothing to do with nutrition, but read on. One morning after taking ambien, I woke up feeling nauseated with a stomach ache. I thought I was coming down with something. I then saw an empty POUND box of pasta in the kitchen. I had actually cooked and ate the entire box of pasta in the middle of the night and do not even remember doing it. I was horrified. Upon discussing this with my friends and clients, I found out I was not the only one doing this. Several of my friends admitted to having similar episodes of night time eating. It turns out that the package insert for Ambien warns that a sleep-related eating disorder may occur.

So bottom line, if you find food wrappers and plates in the kitchen when you wake up; beware of the ambien munchies.


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