What can I expect from my first appointment?

During your first appointment, I’ll review your medical history, including blood work and medications. We’ll go over your eating and exercise habits, diet history and goals. You will be provided with education on nutrition as it pertains to your goals – whether it be for high cholesterol, diabetes, pre-diabetes, sports nutrition, PCOS, weight management or preventative nutrition. You will receive personalized meal plans and goals in this session. Your goals will include overall lifestyle guidance including exercise, sleep, supplements, etc. The initial session is 60 minutes. 90 minute sessions are available.

Do I need follow up appointments?

The majority of my clients find it helpful to schedule follow-up appointments. Changing behaviors is a very difficult and can take months or sometimes years. I will provide you with the support you need to keep you on track with your goals. Many of my clients like to meet more frequently in the beginning and then less frequently as time goes by. Follow up sessions are 30 minutes.

What should I bring to my session?

You can bring blood work if you have it as well a list of vitamins and medications. I am especially interested in seeing your cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, HbA1c and vitamin D. If you have PCOS, I am would also be interested in seeing your insulin levels and glucose tolerance test results.

Are phone sessions as good as in person?

Yes. You will get the same information whether it is in-person or by phone. If we do a phone session, please fill out the questionnaire and email it back to me prior to our session. I will then email you some basic information that we will use during our phone session. After we speak, I will write your plan and email it to you. Payment for initial phone sessions is due ahead of time. If you meet with me for an in-person session, you will get everything at the time of our session.

Download Forms Here: General Questionnaire {LINK}  • PCOS Questionnaire {LINK}

Do you take insurance?

No, but some insurance companies may reimburse you depending upon your diagnosis and plan. I will provide you with the superbill and diagnosis code to submit to your company. You can call your insurance company to see if it will be covered. Conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol tend to be reimbursed more frequently.You will be responsible for payment at the time of the visit (or ahead of time if a phone session).