45 Healthy Breakfasts on the Run

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No time for breakfast? You aren’t alone. The snooze button usually wins over getting up early to eat! We often end up grabbing breakfast on the run. The problem is that these “on the run” meals can be deceptively high inLate for Work Stressed Couple Checking Time in Kitchen. calories, carbs, fat and/or sodium. Not a great way to start the day. The wrong kind of breakfast will cause energy levels to plummet, cause cravings later in the day and pack on the pounds. And if you have diabetes, prediabetes, PCOS, or are trying to watch your weight, the last thing you want to do is load up with over 50 grams of carbs at breakfast! While the ideal solution would be to take 5 minutes to eat a healthy breakfast at home, this isn’t always possible. So I’ve compiled a list of my Top 45 Healthy Breakfasts on the Run choices from 11 popular NYC restaurants including Fresh & Co, Pret, Pax, Europa, Le Pain Quotidien, Dunkin Donuts, etc. There are healthy choices out there! Make sure you download my free guide –   Healthy Breakfast on the Run Survival Guide 


The ideal breakfast contains:
– Protein to keep you feeling full longer. Protein can also help fight off cravings later in the day. Choose lean protein sources such as low fat Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, eggs or egg whites , tofu or turkey. Limit fatty meats such as bacon and sausage. These fatty meats pack in the calories as well as raise risk of heart disease and cancer.
– Healthy fat such as natural almond or peanut butter, nuts or avocado. Use butter and cream cheese in moderation. Adding a little fat to breakfast can also keep you feeling full longer
Healthy carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, oats, whole grain cereal and fruit. These carbs provides energy, vitamins, minerals, fiber and disease fighting almondbutterphytochemicals. Avoid refined carbs such as white bread, rolls, and sugary cereals. For you bagel fanatics, keep in mind that most bagels (even whole wheat) are the equivalent of 4-6 pieces of bread. 


Yikes – avoid these choices
Some breakfasts sound so healthy … but they can be loaded with calories, carbs, sugar, and/or sodium. Check out a few popular NYC breakfasts choices: 
– Ham, Egg and Cheese wrap has 620 calories, 62 gm carbs  and 1630 mg sodium (Pax) The sodium content is crazy high!   (pic credit)
– Large yogurt parfait has 410 calories and 55 gm carbs (Europa) Way too many carbs for most of us
– Huevos Ranchos Quinoa Bowl has 750 calories, 46 gm fat and 58 gm carbs (Fresh & Co). This meals contains more than 50% of most women’s calories for a day
– Large oatmeal has 530 calories and 89 gm carbs (Pax) Unless you are in training for a marathon, this breakfast isn’t for you! egg wrap
– Quinoa spelt scone has 610 calories (Le Pain Quotidien) Sounds so healthy … but 610 calories for breakfast is just too much
– Whole wheat wrap (just the wrap!) has 290 calories and 50 gm carbs  (Fresh &Co)

Make these swaps
Just making a few painless swaps can cut calories, carbs and fat.
– Instead of a roll 
2 slices of whole grain bread such as rye,
pumpernickel or whole wheat. Save ~ 80 calories and 15 gm carbsyogurt parfait
Instead of a wrap —>2 slices of whole grain bread or whole wheat English muffin or sandwich thin. Saves ~ 80 calories and 15 gm carbs
– Instead of jumbo bagel  —>Eat half or scoop it out to save calories. Save ~ 100 – 150 calories and 15 – 30 gm carbs.
– Craving cheese in your omelet?  Ask for only 1 slice. Or better yet, order egg whites vs. whole eggs if adding cheese
– Instead of bacon or sausage  —> turkey or smoked salmon. Saves 80-100 calories and contains much less saturated fat

Healthy add-ins
Oatmeal and plain old eggs can be boring! Try some of these healthy add-ins to add flavor and nutrients:
– Oatmeal: fruit, cinnamon, chia, hemp or ground flaxseeds, cacao nibs, nuts or nut buttersbowl-of-oatmeal
– Yogurt or smoothies: fruit, chia, hemp or ground flaxseeds, wheat or oatbran, nuts
– Omelets: vegetables, turkey, smoked salmon
Whole grain toast: almond or natural peanut butter, avocado, smoked salmon with a little low fat cream cheese


So here are my Top 45 Healthy Breakfasts on the Run choices … Download FREE guide  –>Healthy Breakfast on the Run Survival Guide 

What is your favorite breakfast on the run?






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