44 Healthy Low Carb Snacks

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carb cravings
If you’re on a low carb diet, you probably cringe when you hear the word snack. Most snacks are loaded with carbs – not exactly ideal if you have diabetes, prediabetes, PCOS or are just trying to follow a low carb diet. And  low carb snacks like nuts or cheese get pretty tiresome after a while … not to mention high in calories if you have portion control “issues”.  And you have vegetables coming out your ears! The good news is that snacks don’t have to be so boring.  Just because you’re on a low carb diet doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. Snacks can be used to round out the nutritional content of your diet, to hold you over until your next meal or to help satisfy a craving.  What kind of cravings do you have? Salty or sweet? Crunchy or creamy? Many of us have all of these cravings from time to time, so I included a few snacks from each of these categories. Most of the snacks I choose have some redeeming nutritional value. And others contain a little more sugar and/or are more processed, so save them for more occasional snacks. Read on for my top healthy low carb snacks. Happy snacking!


Healthy low carb snacks

  • blue diamond individual packs of nuts Nutty Cravings
    Nuts are my #1 on my list of healthy low carb snacks. They’ve been shown to help lower cholesterol, decrease risk of diabetes and heart disease as well as aid with weight management and insulin resistance. And they taste good! But if you “go nuts over nuts”  like I do, you may want to consider portion controlled bags (read my previous post on My Midnight Nut Frenzy)
Nuts, one ounce = 49 pistachios, 23 almonds, 18 cashews, 24 peanuts, 21 hazel nuts, 6-8 brazil nuts, 165 pine nuts, 11 macadamia nuts, 14 walnut halves, 19 pecan halves 160-200 4-9 1-4
 Portion controlled bags include:      
 Frito Lay Pistachio in the shell (1.75 oz bag)  140 7 2
 Wonderful Pistachio Nuts (1.25 oz bag)  100 5 1
 Blue Diamond Almonds  (mini bag) (in shell, .75 oz bag)  93 7 2
 Justin’s Almond Butter (single serv. squeeze pack)  190 7 3
 1 T. nut butter (almond, cashew, sunflower, natural peanut butter)  100 3 1
Coconut meat,  1 piece, 2”x 2” (1.6 oz)  160 7 4


  • apple and peanut butterTo control hunger
    Sometimes you are really hungry and an apple or carrots won’t do the trick. Snacks that contain protein, fat and/or more fiber tend to keep you feeling full longer. They can also help prevent blood sugar and insulin spikes.
Blueberries (1/2 cup) or 9 frozen cherries and 2% Greek yogurt
(7 oz serving, i.e. Fage)
200 18 2
 ¾ cup 1% cottage cheese sprinkled w/ cinnamon  135 8 0
 Sliced tomatoes, 1 oz fresh mozzarella, drizzle of olive oil & vinegar  90 1 0
 Turkey roll-ups –  2 oz organic turkey & 1 oz cheese rolled up with lettuce/ mustard /roasted red pepper  160 3 0
 Low carb whole wheat tortilla (i.e. La Tortilla) w/ 1 oz cheese, salsa  160 10 7
 2 oz smoked salmon, tomato slices, 1 T. lowfat cream cheese on 2 high fiber crackers (i.e. Wasa Light Rye)  170 14 3
 ¼ pound cooked shrimp, 2 T. cocktail sauce, lemon  150 8 0
Sabra individual hummus (4 T.)  +  assorted raw vegetables, 1 cup 125 11 6
Guacamole (4 T.) + assorted raw vegetables, 1 cup 125 11 6
1/2 medium pear and 1 oz cheese  150  14  3
½ avocado, lemon and a pinch of salt  (medium, 9.6 oz) 160 8 7


Bel Gioiso fresh mozzarella pearls

  • Mini low carb
    These little snacks are 100 calories or less and 7 gm of carbs or less. They are perfect when you need a little something to take the edge off before your next meal. The low carb content would have a minimal effect on blood sugar levels. If you are on a low calorie diet, these snacks won’t break the bank!
 Tanka Bites Buffalo Meat w/Cranberries (1 oz /4 bites)  70 7 1
 Fusion Jerky Turkey-Rosemary Citrus (1 oz) nitrate free  70 7 0
 1 hard boiled egg  70 1 0
 2 oz chicken, skinless, white meat 94 0 0
 String cheese  80 1 0
 Bonbel cheese  70 0 0
 1 T. natural peanut butter on celery  100 3 1


saffron road chick pea snacks

  • Crunchy / salty cravings
    Most of my clients tell me they crave salty and crunchy snacks like chips and other snack foods. However these snacks tend to be the highest in fat and salt. The good news is that there are many alternatives like certain brands of popcorn and chips that are much healthier. Some of these snacks even contain ingredients like kale, seaweed and chick peas. 
 Popcorn Indiana Fit popcorn (1 oz or 3 ½ cups)  130 17 3
 Skinny Pop , 1 oz bag  100 10 1
Roasted Chickpea Snacks (7 flavors)  1 oz (~ 1/4 cup)  120 18 5
 Brads Kale Chips (1 oz, ~ 15 pieces)  50 9 3
 Choi’s 1 Seaweed Snack Wasabi (for the whole .35 oz bag)  60 2 2
 Edemame Seapoint Farms in pod (2.5 oz mini bag) sprinkled with salt 90 8 3
 Enlightened Sriracha  Roasted Broad Beans  (1 oz mini bags)  100 15 3

health warrior chia bars


  • Sweet Cravings – (some are healthier than others!)
    Sweets are the #1 craving my clients tell me they have … especially the women! I can certainly relate to this! (Read my previous blog post on How Money Controlled My Intake of Sweets)  And even if you have diabetes, you can still incorporate some “sweets” into your diet. They key word here is moderation. While fruit is the healthiest You will note that I included some desserts into this list.  I often ask my patients to pay attention to how various foods make them feel. If eating something sweet sets you off, you may be best off not even starting with it!
 Small piece of fruit (i.e. apple, peach, orange,  12 cherries or grape) OK – there are more carbs here – but a small fruit isn’t THAT high in carbs!  60-80 15-20 3-5
 Baked apple (small) w/ cinnamon, 7 crushed walnut halves 160 19 4
 Smoothie: 6 oz almond milk, unsw, 1/2 cup berries, scoop   protein powder  175 17 2
   100 15 0
 Enlightened Ice Cream Bars (1 bar)  70 14 5
 Breyer’s No Sugar Added Reduced Fat  Vanilla Bean ice cream (1/2 cup)  80 13 4
 So Delicious Coconut Milk No Sugar Added Fudge Bar Minis  80 14 8
Yasso Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 100 17 1
Halo Top Ice Cream Mint Chip (1/2 cup) 60 14 5
Quest bar, Cookies and Cream *looks high in carbs but loaded with fiber 180 22 17
Dark Chocolate,70-85%  Cocoa 85 6 1
Dove Dark Chocolate, 2 pieces 88 8 <1


Here are some healthy snacks ….   What are your favorite snacks?

IMG_7584sea snaxedemamepomegranate seedsnuts2




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