20 Tips to Help Your Sweetie Lose Weight

Couple in Kitchen Eating Donut and Coffee or Healthy Fruit.

Your hubbie always wore a size 34 pants but lately its been a size 38. Working long hours, business dinners, and no time for the gym have taken a toll on his weight. Or maybe your wife has taken to wearing leggings and loose dresses … because her other clothes no longer fit. With Valentine’s Day in 2 days, I thought this would be a good time to talk about about how you can help your sweetie lose weight. In the meantime, hold off on buying that pound box of chocolates!

It’s not unusual to gain weight as you age. And it’s even more common to gain weight when you are married. Check out these scary stats.  But you can help your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend lose weight – the trick will be to find a way to help motivate and support without being a nag.

Tips to help your sweetie lose weight
(I am going to refer to “him”, although it can be for “her” as well!)

  1. Rule #1 – don’t nag. This will likely only backfire and cause more eating
  2. Take the pressure off  him. Tell him YOU want to eat healthier and maybe lose a few pounds and that you want to work on it together.
  3. Alcohol can be a huge source of calories. Start cutting back on your intake, and hopefully he will follow your lead. It’s not so much fun to drink alone! Pour your self a glass of seltzer at night instead of wine. Save the wine for weekends …in moderation.
  4.  Order a glass of wine in restaurants, instead of a bottle.
  5. Cook more instead of ordering in or going out. Save money and calories.
  6. Reinforce his skills as the grill master. Make healthy side dishes and buy lean protein (skinless poultry, fish, lean meats such as sirloin, filet mignon). This will make a tasty low calorie and healthy meal.
  7. Cook smaller portions so he can’t go back for more. Of course, make large portions of veggie dishes!
  8.  Incorporate more veggies into meals. For example, make a rice dish that has 1/2 rice and 1/2 veggies.
  9. Start meals with broth based soups and/or salads. Studies have shown that this can help to fill you up so you will eat less at the meal.
  10. Don’t serve family style with the bowls on the table.
  11. Slowly start to get the junk snacks out of the house and replace with healthy snacks. (pic below – while baking a cake is nice gesture, his belly doesn’t need it!)
  12. Find some athletic friends. This may help motivate him to exercise more.
  13. Brainstorm ways he can find time to exercise more. For example, you watch the kids Sunday am so he can play a squash game. There is nothing like a sports competition to help motivate a guy!
  14. Tell him you want to set a good example for your kids by eating healthy and exercising as a family.
  15. Subtly pull out old photo albums. He may get motivated to do something when he sees those old pics of himself with a six pack.
  16. Make his favorite meals … but lighten them up. Cut back on oil, butter, cream, cheese.
  17. Substitute whole grains for refined ones.
  18. Notice which snacks he eats too much of and start to buy portion controlled packs instead. For example, many guys have trouble controlling their intake of nuts. So either stop buying them, or buy 100 calorie packs. (not sure he’ll love that tip!)
  19. Find an exercise that the two of you can do together. Sign up for a 10K, take a spinning class, buy bikes, etc,
  20. Lastly, get him a gift certificate for a few sessions with me. Let me be the nudge! I promise to get him to lose weight.

Bottom line, you can help your sweetie lose weight. Be supportive, don’t nag, and maybe even a little sneaky. Hopefully in a few months, you’ll be back to buying him size 34 pants.







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