10 Stealth Tips to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds from Nutrition Experts

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So you’ve lost a chunk of weight and are so close to your goal weight. But those final 10 pounds won’t budge (and dragging your scale to different areas on the floor isn’t making a difference!) You’ve done the basics of cutting back calories and exercising more. What can you do NOW make the scale budge? Get the stealth tips from 10 nutrition experts, including yours truly.  I was interviewed by Mary Grace Taylor from Prevention Magazine for the article 10 Nutrition Experts On What You Really Need To Do To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds. And how excited was I last night to find this article appeared in Bicycling.com  (since I am an avid cyclist!) Read on to get my tips, as well as tips from my colleagues including Keri Gans, Isabel  Smith, Sara Haas and others.


Here are my tips (the article could only select one):

  • time to eatTaper your calories as day goes by. We used to say that it’s the total number of calories you ate in a day that was most important when it came to weight control. However, recent research is suggesting the time of the day you eat them is important as well. This has to do with our bodies circadian rhythms. Calories eaten later in the day, especially carbs, are more likely to be stored as body fat and have other deleterious metabolic consequences in the body compared to carbs eaten earlier in the day
  • Have a smoothie for dinner. Try trading your plate for a blended drink three nights a week, recommends registered dietitian Martha McKittrick. “Meal replacements can help with weight loss because they’re portion controlled. And, a homemade meal replacement is the cleanest kind,” she says. Worried you’ll go hungry? Even though many smoothies are lower in calories than the average dinner entrée, all the protein, fiber, and liquid makes them super filling. Aim for a smoothie with 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt or a scoop of plant-based protein powder, 3/4 cup frozen berries, a handful of leafy greens, a tablespoon of chia or flaxseeds, and enough unsweetened almond milk to make the smoothie the consistency you want.
  • Cut the booze. I’m all for incorporating alcohol into a weight loss plan if that’s what you enjoy (I know I do). But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Cut it out for 2-4 weeks to help drop those last few pounds.

Read the full article here to get the other 9 tips: 10 Nutrition Experts On What You Really Need To Do To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds




I especially love problem-solving, whether it’s helping women defeat issues plaguing them for years, helping a busy executive find practical ways to get heart healthy, or providing tips to help you reverse diabetes. That’s why I’m on a constant quest to expand my knowledge by staying on top of the latest research.

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